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  • Create simple input component in Figma x ReactJS

    We currently live in the time that design tools become so great, they fill the gap between designer and developer. Developer not only can create user interface exactly like the mockup, but also they can consider to create code that easy to scale and easy to manage. The methodology like 8pt grid and atomic design…

  • Meering Design Story

    Meering Design Story

    I just created Meering – an HTML/CSS company profile template which contains 4 pages; homepage, studio/about page, works/portfolios page, and work/portfolio detail page. And I’ll tell you the story behind the design.

  • Better Done than Perfect

    Lieur was founded in 2014. Almost 2 years it didn’t has a website. I mean a real website that lead someone who doesn’t know about us to someone who know what Lieur is. At least they know that Lieur is design studio, what we’ve done, and how to contact us. We’re too busy to reach…

  • Increase Your Site’s Performance with Hardware-Accelerated CSS

    Ever wondered how some CSS animations run so smoothly in the browser? Check out this link

  • Backdrop-filter, the New Way to Create Blur Background

    The backdrop-filter property provides for effects like blurring or color shifting the area behind an element, which can then be seen through that element by adjusting the element’s transparency/opacity. – Have you seen Lovebird‘s top navigation? You will see blur effect to the area behind it. It’s cool right? The blur effect is introduced by iOS 7…