• Ready to Level Up?

    Want a raise? You can raise your rates …Until you hit your ceiling. That’s the point at which your clients can no longer afford you and you’re not attractive to larger clients because they only hire agencies. How to Get a Promotion as a Freelancer – Brian Casel

  • Read, just read…

    At its heart, web design should be about words. Words don’t come after the design is done. Words are the beginning, the core, the focus. Start with words. From pretty neat web page

  • The Software Revolution

    If we can synthesize new diseases, maybe we can synthesize vaccines.

  • Increase Your Site’s Performance with Hardware-Accelerated CSS

    Ever wondered how some CSS animations run so smoothly in the browser? Check out this link

  • The State of Front-End Dev

    From: Marco: Uh yeah, so, final thoughts. I guess for me, it’s kind of acknowledging that the space of front-end development is kind of exploding right now, it’s a really exciting time to kind of be in this space. And I think people should kind of embrace how dynamic it is and how in…

  • Can Students Have Too Much Tech?

    Can Students Have Too Much Tech?  The computer is the “distraction machine.” It is just vibrating with distractions. Even the supposedly educational websites have things that move, different colors, links, and so forth. Keeping my kids focused on their lessons requires constant supervision. Most of the time spent at the computer is recreational. I think…