Learn Faster with Your Teacher

I spent almost 3 years to learn about front-end developing. I did by my self, without any mentor/teacher. Learn from several articles on web, links from twitter or stackoverflow. Follow some front-ends jedi on twitter it also helps me to learn latest front-end tech.
3 years as front-end developer I still feel foolish, can’t build something with latest front-end tech. And I just realized that learn something from the others is faster than you learn or find solution by your self. How faster? It can be 10 times faster. When I’ve to spent 3 years to learn about front-end development you just need to spend 3 months to learn it and you will know everything about latest tricks without you learn the old tricks.
How can I knew about it? I have a friend who wants to learn about front-end development. And she asks me to teach her. She got some jobs from her boss to convert PSD to HTML/CSS. So she is learning by doing. Her boss ask to her to convert PSD with latest front-end tech, reduce use images, optimize the css, font-face, icon font etc. I thought the boss will give the basic rule to convert PSD, but I was wrong, he asks to her like he asks me to convert the PSD.
Because of the situation, I’ve to teach her with everything that I just learned yesterday. Because she has a big passion on front-end thingy, she was happy to do everything and learn everything from me. Just 3 months learn about front-end development, and now she will become like me. Wow…
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