2 Quotes that I Love

I have 2 quotes that I love and I think it’s right and I agree with that quotes.
First quote is from @jauhari a wordpress developer also a blogger. He said;

Nganggur itu TETAP Anugerah, SUMPAH…  – Nurudin Jauhari

Maybe we can say in English like;

Being jobless/unemployment is a boon, really… – Nurudin Jauhari

Yes that’s right, when I decided to be a freelancer like I said in my previous post it was not as easy as like I imagine. In the beginning I had nothing to do and being jobless, because of that I try to find some activity related my passion, and find a way how to be a freelancer. I filled my day to create my brand, follow people who have same passion with me on twitter, create everything in my head like website mockup (because I love design), collaboration with some people and then I created my personal website and blog about freebies. After that some people knew me as front-end developer (like I said on my website) and projects came to me.
Second quote is from @hfz a wordpress developer, blogger and also I admire him because of the way he think about everything. He said;

Start Ugly Things – Hafiz Rahman

He also write in medium. I agree with everything in the post :).
Sometimes we create everything and took a long time to release just because we try to find a good things and hopefully make a great result of it. But it just good for us, not for the user/audience. When we create it just for us it doesn’t matter,  but when we create it for other users, we also need feed back from them. You think that “it is good” but some people maybe say the other way. That’s why “Starts Ugly Things” is the right wisdom when you want to create something.






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