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  • 2023. Changes are good

    What’s come to my mind if I hear “2023” are hard, scary, economic global crisis, and anything bad. And we just started 2023… I am a 37Signals fanboy, I read most of their book because I (mostly) agree with everything they said. They’ve been working remotely before remote work is cool. They created tools to […]

  • Visibility

    Visibility is an element that you need to put on everything that you build now, like product, system, project management, etc. Once you put it you’ll minimize questions and false hope. For example, Gojek put live tracking on the driver who bring the package to your home, they also put estimated time arrived at destination. […]

  • Reflection of 2020

    2020 is different from any other years. Lots of happening outside the plan and it made me more believe that there is a power that knew which is the best for you and you know nothing about it. Personal and family I start with my personal and family life. Early 2020 was tough decision in […]

  • TIL from Twitch stream with @cassiecodes about SVG animation

    Video link: link: Add title inside SVG and aria-labelledby for accessibility. tools by guys on Lyft. Scrub GSAP Timeline to debug GSAP Timeline. stagger property to multi-target tween basically offsets the starting time of each target’s animation. More detail here. random(between A, to B) also a cool utility method from GSAP.

  • Using grid on Figma and CSS

    Grid is one of helpful things that help you design a website or app. I know, some designers sometimes avoid using grid because they think grid restrict their creativity to create layout. If you are one of them, you should watch this video from Therese Fessenden – UX Specialist from NNGroup. I also enjoyed reading […]

  • Create simple input component in Figma x ReactJS

    We currently live in the time that design tools become so great, they fill the gap between designer and developer. Developer not only can create user interface exactly like the mockup, but also they can consider to create code that easy to scale and easy to manage. The methodology like 8pt grid and atomic design […]

  • Ready to Level Up?

    Want a raise? You can raise your rates …Until you hit your ceiling. That’s the point at which your clients can no longer afford you and you’re not attractive to larger clients because they only hire agencies. How to Get a Promotion as a Freelancer – Brian Casel

  • Guide to Good Typography

    Creating a good typography is such as confusing for me, there is no exact formula that I can implement to every web that I made. Until I found some resources that will guide me to the right path; Interactive Guide to Blog Typography Basic things that you have to know how to create good typography […]

  • Words are Matter

    Lately I found some interesting articles about how words are so important. They are: Screenshots are so Last Year: How to Write a Case Study That Wins You Clients by Lauren Holliday, Words by Justin Jackson, and Most of the web really sucks if you have a slow connection by Dan Luu My portfolio site itself still […]

  • Read, just read…

    At its heart, web design should be about words. Words don’t come after the design is done. Words are the beginning, the core, the focus. Start with words. From pretty neat web page