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  • Trello is acquired by Atlassian for $425M

    Big news on new year! Trello is acquired by Atlassian for $425M! They have same blue color, so it’s not hard for Michael Pryor to give Trello to Atlassian, just like he didn’t do anything. 😀 :kidding Congratulation to both of you!

  • What Amy Hoy Say About Build Your Future

    I’m curious to read new Amy’s  blog post after I saw this tweet; look what i'm making for you. stay tuned for an epic post soon. pic.twitter.com/FDCoX1O7ax — Amy Hoy (@amyhoy) June 11, 2014 Now I’m on half Freelancer and half Consulting  zone. And yes, if you are a freelancer you are just a tool that…