2023. Changes are good

What’s come to my mind if I hear “2023” are hard, scary, economic global crisis, and anything bad. And we just started 2023…

I am a 37Signals fanboy, I read most of their book because I (mostly) agree with everything they said. They’ve been working remotely before remote work is cool. They created tools to enhance remote work. They shared their experiences, philosophy, and methods on how to work effectively in a remote environment.

If you also read their books or posts, they often mentioned that they built the company without any help from VC (bootstrapped), kept it small, and didn’t have a marketing department. Until they published their podcast “Year in Review: Growing As a Company”.

Shopify also took the step to say “no more meeting”. They remove recurring meetings to give employees more time to work on other tasks. It’s just like 37Signals said, “Meeting is the last resort”.

I believe there will be other changes for other companies to start and survive in 2023. So changes are good. You have to change. So do I.






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