Visibility is an element that you need to put on everything that you build now, like product, system, project management, etc. Once you put it you’ll minimize questions and false hope.

For example, Gojek put live tracking on the driver who bring the package to your home, they also put estimated time arrived at destination. So you will know and expect that your package will arrive at certain time. You don’t need to contact the driver to ask where are they now.

Queue app, this is also the best place to put visibility on it. When we know how many people left or even estimated time our turn is going to come.

We often have miss understanding with our co-worker or even with our PM about deadline, task, timeline, etc. Because there is no visibility in our project management. Project management can be our single source of truth for our project that we’ve been working on. If everyone know about timeline, deadline for each deliverable, issues that need to be tackled, who handle those tasks, there will be no miss understanding between us. If there is still miss understanding, we need to ask them to talk and ask why there are something missing because the visibility is there.







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