Discovery: Pos Ketan Legenda

Sunday night when I usually met my friends I always go to the coffee shop and ate somethings which is almost western food on there. I want to be different for the night, I just bored, I want to eat something like Indonesian food. Maybe “ketan” is the right choice. “Ketan” is sticky rice, I often found them in Indonesian traditional food. Ketan is also main food in North Thailand and North East Thailand (Wikipedia said :P)
Batu has famous place that sell food made from ketan, it place called “Pos Ketan Legenda”. You will spend about 30 minutes from Malang. Because Batu is highland, you will take an uphill route when you go from Malang.
Pos Ketan Legenda has about 15 menus from ketan and they are just different from the toppings. Like ketan keju meses, ketan with topping cheese and chocolate chips. ketan duren, ketan with topping durian and durian custard. You can get it from Rp. 3000 – Rp. 10,000, but you need at least 2 portions to make you stop chewing or to stop your curiosity about other taste. But I think you should try every single menu though. You can invite your friends so you can order all menus there and you will taste every ketan with different topping :).
Ketan Duren
Ketan Keju Meses
I have a tip when you want to go there, because the place is tight with limited table and chair and always has a lot of customer, ask your friend to order the menu and you or the other friend find the empty place. You can have a seat once you can find the empty place as fast as you can :).
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