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This is my 7th blog and the others have been deleted by myself. Did you know why? I just tried to write well, with my style (actually the others style), sometimes I feel confidence with my new style and after 10 days I’m not really confidence with that style. When I read again my post ago, I felt that “It’s not me!” and then the I delete the blog and create a new blog again. Just create, no post till a week later.
Hmm… what’s wrong with me? I like read blog post from the others and after I admire the post (or sometimes the blogger) suddenly I wanna be like him/her. I think I’m like a person who doesn’t has good place to stand, I always try find the other better places, I mean a place who has an owner. And then the owner kick me out from his place and push me to find my own place. I think he said “Go away from my house and find your own house. Don’t come back to this place again!”. Hahaha, how pity I am.
“But may I admire your way to think sir? Just for reference to find who really I am.”
I have a big passion to become a great writer and people all over the world love my posts. But I don’t have a good skill in english, so I think this blog will help me to learn how to write english better. I still don’t know what I’ve to write about in this blog. I wanna share about my travel story but I never travel anywhere, everyday I just spent about 45km, the journey from village to city (yeah, I’m a village people and I’m proud of it). So I think I’ll write about what I learn today, life, love, new experience, everything in my brain and borderless. Maybe it’ll be a muddle man note, but I hope everyone will enjoy my write.
I’m a front-end developer but I don’t wanna share about everything technical like code here.
Ok! Lets start to write next post and enjoy it!.






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