Reflection of 2020

2020 is different from any other years. Lots of happening outside the plan and it made me more believe that there is a power that knew which is the best for you and you know nothing about it.

Personal and family

I start with my personal and family life. Early 2020 was tough decision in our life. I supported my wife (and little bit forced her) to leave her job. She was a civil servant who had good salary and some of people think that working with government is best place to work. Then why I decided to support her leave the job?

First, I don’t want to see her got sick because of stressfulness in her office. Too many story about anything that made her stress in the office, and it always made he sick eventually. Second, she wanted make more time with our daughter. Most of my daughter time was spent in daycare while we were working. Third, this is my personal reason, I don’t want the government intervene where should we live or where should I work. My wife took an oath to the government to be ready to be placed wherever they need to. I don’t want it so that’s why I decided to support her to leave her job.

I believe this was the tough decision that we took in early 2020. Some things were not going like we imagine, especially for our finance condition, we lost more than half income.

Then March 2020 was the first time for our country to realize that Corona virus is real! We never went anywhere, the school was close, and we realized that being full time parent and teacher is hard. We need to think about how to make our self were not too bored to just stay at home. Creating new toy for our daughter, subscribe learning app, subscribe Disney+, those were something that we’ve done to keep our healthy mind.

But you know what, I don’t imagine if my wife still working. We heard the news that some people got infected by corona virus in the office, some people passed away. This is the privilege that God sent to us, three of us stay together. I can’t thank enough for this.

Career and professional

I joined to my friend design studio since the studio was founded. We through a lot moment together whether up or down but this pandemic made us more difficult than we think. I also have financial problem after my wife resigned for her job. So I decided to find another job. In August I joined LateCheckout Studio as a designer and developer.

To be a designer is one of my career wish. For most of my career I don’t have an opportunity to be a professional designer, even though I’ve done design for my side projects and some clients but I feel like I’m still not a designer because most of my time is done in code editor. LateCheckout give me that opportunity as designer in development, I also don’t want to stop coding, so I offer them my coding skill too. Even though until now most of my job is still in code editor :D. At least I have title as a designer and they are always open for every request that employee ask for.

I think I need to give another post about LateCheckout, because I love working with this team.

Welcome 2021, what’s next?

Resolutions? I’m a guy who never create a long plan, I more that spontaneous guy or the longest plan that I made is one month plan. But I have some wishes to-dos that I’ve to do in 2021.

Personal and family
I want to be a better husband and dad. Make my little family smile every day. Seems cliché, huh? Need more realistic action? I don’t know, but I will try everything to be like that.

Career and profesional
Be a real designer, never stop coding, learn no-code, and hopefully I can create my own startup.

One more thing, I hope the Covid-19 vaccine will be effective and our family get the vaccination.

In my deepest of our heart I want to life in another country who has better education for our daughter.

Welcome 2021, be nice to us!






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