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  • Visibility

    Visibility is an element that you need to put on everything that you build now, like product, system, project management, etc. Once you put it you’ll minimize questions and false hope. For example, Gojek put live tracking on the driver who bring the package to your home, they also put estimated time arrived at destination. […]

  • The State of Front-End Dev

    From: Marco: Uh yeah, so, final thoughts. I guess for me, it’s kind of acknowledging that the space of front-end development is kind of exploding right now, it’s a really exciting time to kind of be in this space. And I think people should kind of embrace how dynamic it is and how in […]

  • Remote Work and Trust

    Patrick wrote about value of remote work recently. I found some positive effects being a remote worker. And he said about trust when being a remote worker; I have a lot of trust in my job and I love it. It means we have to build the trust between you and your employer once we want […]

  • Freelance Paradigm

    Freelance Paradigm

    More than 3 years I chose to be a freelancer after I worked as full-time officer in one of IT company in my town. I’ve thought hardly before I decide to be full-time freelance, and I hope I’ll be a better person who can get financial freedom from my freelance life. Why I chose to […]

  • Good Project Manager/Leader

    Good Project Manager/Leader

    I never be a Project Manager / Leader, so I think they have a same function to manage a project and reach the goal. Even though in many articles Project Manager and Project Leader have some differences. You can goggle what Project Manager or Project Leader is :). I’ve been led by some project leaders, […]