Freelance Paradigm

Freelance Paradigm

More than 3 years I chose to be a freelancer after I worked as full-time officer in one of IT company in my town. I’ve thought hardly before I decide to be full-time freelance, and I hope I’ll be a better person who can get financial freedom from my freelance life.
Why I chose to be a freelancer? I have some considerations about that:

  1. I’ll have flexible time
    I can work every time like I want. I can work at afternoon and in the morning I play or doing some fun things.
  2. Do everything I love
    When I was a full-time officer sometime I dislike some jobs that are not suitable with my positions, that’s why I chose it.
  3. More Income
    Get more income is definitely one of some reasons why I chose to be a freelancer. So many success story from some freelancers, it push me to resign from my office.
  4. No pressure from the boss

Based on my considerations, I decide to be a full-time freelancer. But it was not as easy as like I imagine. I still don’t know how to get client, how to communicate with them etc, because before I became a full-time freelancer, I was a half-time freelancer and I got job from my friend. When my friend didn’t have a job, neither am I. So my life depend on my friend’s life. I was in doubt about that situation, did I choose wrong step? I didn’t get income on that month, it made me more confuse, should I send application to some companies and become officer again? But I didn’t choose it, I still try to be a full-time freelancer and learn how to be better.
After I learn and try everything based on advice from another freelancers, I got noticed and I got some clients. Some clients who satisfied with my work sometimes comeback to me for another job. And some clients hire me regularly for a big projects. When I do regular project from that client, I often rejecting another freelance jobs, because I don’t want to make him disappointed.
Sometimes when I accepted some freelance jobs, I felt there is no flexible time for freelance life, moreover now I start to think I’ve to have product. I don’t want to be a freelancer forever. Freelancer is almost the same like officer, when you still depend on client and always follow every instruction from your client it’s same like your client is your boss.
I just realised that to be a freelancer is step to be an entrepreneur. Freelance is not the final destination. When you are a freelancer now, you have to think to make a product, to build your passive income. And now I never blame full-time officer, because they are same like me. Maybe they are saving their money to build something and want to be entrepreneur someday.
I have some advices for everyone who want to be a freelancer;

  1. To be a freelancer is just step to be an entrepreneur, if you have a knowledge how to be an entrepreneur you can skip to be a freelancers. Lets think and collaborate with another freelancer about how to build a product, use your knowledge that you have.
  2. Become an officer is not despicable like what you thought. It also a step to be an entrepreneur if you want.

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